Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SIX months already!!

Oh boy Jaida are you fun these days!!! You are still such a good girl and you love to cuddle ( which I am so happy about!) You really only scream cry when you are hungry or poopy. You are usually laughing or smiling and ALWAYS laugh and smile the most for your braba (brother)! I keep saying to you "mamamamama and dadadadadadadada" just for you to pick up on but you usually just smile at me ( I'm sure you're thinking to yourself "Duh MAMA I'm not saying it when you want me too!") I can always tell when your sleepy because you rub your little eyes and put your fingers in your mouth.
You adore your "kiki" (blanky) and we have 2 so far just so we have a backup! You're still not crawling or even seeming like you want to anytime soon.... but with everything else we just wake up one day and you have learned something new. So we'll see. Your hair is growing soooo fast I even had to give your bangs a trim to keep them out of your eyes!!
Soon it will be your first Christmas.... here's the dress you will wear for church... even if you do prefer to chew on it or pull on the bow!

Mommy and Daddy love you lots and still can't wait to see how you will amaze us even more everyday!

PS:: Getting these pictures of you every month are getting more and more challenging.... here are some outtakes!!


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