Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters is back!!

I completely forgot about Friday's letters!
I completely forgot about all the fun things i used to blog about
I used to have a blogging schedule and I used to write it in my planner.... I used to have a plan!!
I miss it!
So here we meet again Friday, I have some letters for you!

Dear God, Thank you for sending your only son to die for our sins and thank you for giving us the true meaning of Easter three days later! Dear Dept. of Corrections, thank you for letting my husband have a day off to spend with his family...there couldn't have been a more perfect day! Dear Malls and shopping centers, why do you have to lure me in with all the neon colors and hello kitty clothes you know I cannot turn away when I have a little girl to dress! on that note Dear Jaida, you are so welcome for all of the clothes that fill your closet....yes I am aware that 25 pairs of shoes and probably 100 shirts may be obsessive for a 9 month old but hey at least your a cutie! Dear itWorks Global, seriously you are the most amazing company I could ever "work" for.... you have changed my life inside and out it only goes up from here! Dear Jordon, For the millionth time NO you cannot wear your new shoes until AFTER Easter Sunday, or your new jeans, or that nice shirt. Please stop asking! Dear Skeptics, it is ok that you are out there.... I was you once, I too was afraid of what I didn't know or understand. I'm just glad I didn't sit there too long! Dear ADHD, Thanks a lot for either making my blogs either more entertaining or harder to follow.
That is all.... TWO posts in one day..... amaze!


Jenn said...

Dear Sister, Good job on blogging! Only 2 days to go until I too can blog and not feel awkward about it because the hubby is around hahaha.

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