Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hashtag THIS

So yeah....
We have been through this time and time again, yet I am back to tell you ANOTHER time that I am the worlds WORST blogger. As in you could #hashtag that and I bet everyone is talking about it.
I just know they are
You know what I am pretty good at? Making excuses.... like "I would have blogged today BUT...." and here is how I would/could finish that sentence
- I spent my spare time doing surveys to earn a total of 25 cents
- I was shopping at multiple consignment stores and too tired when I got home
- I need a real camera because the phone isn't cutting it and I KNOW I would actually take pics with a real one...right? riiight?!!
- It takes to long to edit pictures from my phone and create a decent blog
- I have ADHD and just cannot focus that long!
and that being said I'm out.
Someday I will be back.... soon I hope. As in maybe tomorrow.
Love the,


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