Wednesday, July 31, 2013

hey hey heeeeey

So you know what it is about blogging.... **here comes the list of excuses**  I need a schedule. Like a real schedule that I will stick too. I'm pretty sure I was kinda going that route but then when I don't take enough pictures for the weekend recaps, or don't feel like doing my hair and makeup to look decent for a Vlog I fall off. One day of skipping on blogging turns into weeks which quickly turns in to me realizing I have only had a couple blog posts in an entire month!! SAD.
Its not even like I can't find the time.... look this is what I am doing right. this. second...
enjoying that giant cup of coffee while the baby shoves her face with peanut butter toast and pineapple. She is content and I am blogging. Easy Peasy!!
I even got a new tablet (windows surface RT if your wondering) and I am officially typing on my touch pad/type cover as we pretty much rocks!
More about that later....hopefully
welp.... onto the day I go and wish me luck on getting an official blog schedule together so I can take this thing seriously for once :)  maybe...
toodles loves!


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