Saturday, July 6, 2013

So nervous I might wet myself

Ok everyone .... tomorrow is the big day.
Jordon is leaving for summer camp for a WEEK. Like an entire week. Like overnight and all. Like he's only ten and this is his first camp experience and he will be gone for a week.
{deep breaths, deeeeeep breaths}
Jordon hasn't stayed away from home with anyone besides family before (and maybe a neighbor) and I didn't think I was nervous for him to leave, but I am. I know that he will have a TON of fun and that I LOVED going to summer camp as a kid and he is already seeming super excited to be going but I can't help it. I'm nervous.
I'm not afraid that he won't have fun or that he will get hurt or anything like that (although that IS the reality of IS possible) I'm just worried that he will get homesick. He doesn't have a blanky or teddy bear to take obviously....since he is TEN and that may be the quickest way to be labeled as a "baby" ... he doesn't need comfort items here, so what will he take?? How will he be comforted??
I am planning to write him a few letters throughout the week, hoping that will not make things worse but just so that he has something to look forward too from us. Other than that how do you keep a 10yr old from getting homesick?
I bet he won't miss me much
I bet he won't even want to come home after the week is over
I bet everyday after camp I will hear "I'm so booored, I miss summer camp when can I go again?"
He will have a blast! He will make new friends..... if I'm lucky he will gain more independence. Ok, I feel a little better now. 
Have an amazing week Jordon! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!


Jennifer Collver said...

Getting hurt like that 'special' guy at horse camp that started skipping off while we were hiking or whatever and then we heard "OWWIEE!!!" and he had twisted his ankle? Do you remember that? Hahahahaha.

Erin G. said...

haha I feel like it sounds familiar but I don't really remember. Did you watch my VLOG too??

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