Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ripped Jean Refashion

Refashion numero DOS
I may or may not be kind of cheating on these refashions.... the last one I did (here) was as easy as cutting off sleeves on a jean jacket. Then this is really just ripping up and adding a worn look to a pair of Jaida's jeans. Oh well, this is what your getting so here it goes.
I ...well Jaida already had a pair of jeans that I had purposely destroyed but they are now way to small so I actually went out thrifting for a good dark wash pair of jeans I could mess with again! Well, I found the cutest pair and because they are Baby Gap I paid a whopping $3.50. (actually I had credit on my account at the consignment store so they were freebies this time!)
This is what they looked like BEFORE

plain jane dark wash jeans with a boot cut leg
These are the tools I used.... (sorry this pic is super blurry!)
sand paper, cheese grater, seem riper, tweezers, and good ol scissors
I cut slits with the scissors about 2 inches long and 1/2 inch apart and then used a technique shown in a video I will post below. Basically pulling each string out one by one so as to keep the longer stings intact.

I then used sand paper on the pocket seems and other random spots to wear out the jeans.
TADA!!! This is after I washed them to finish the wear process.

Have fun if you choose to do this!! I'm debating doing a pair of my own was kinda relaxing.

 PS: Here is a video I found on YouTube that shows the process I used.


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