Thursday, July 4, 2013

This should knock your socks off

Yep...I am blogging for perhaps the second time this week. Don't quote me on that though because I am too lazy right now to go check and although it FEELS like I just wrote a blog post not too long ago it could have easily been a good week since the last. Don't judge!
If you have learned anything from this blog and myself it looks like it is don't count on me to stick to anything blog post related.
GRRRR why am I so bad at that? Let me explain why things never get completed around here
1.) I hate HATE hate editing most of the time I don't and then my beautiful pics are steal worthy because of my pure laziness. ( I suppose I will keep a look out for a photo-shopped Jaida on the front of a cereal box perhaps?)
2.) I get discouraged when I have to weigh in for something and the day before I was 2 lbs lighter and feeling great but the morning I have to blog all of a sudden I have held on to every ounce of food and water and amazingly am the same if not more that the previous week. Frankly it just pisses me off!
3.) I would VLOG every Friday.... but since these last 2 Fridays I was either gone or not video looking worthy I pulled the plug. I will be back tomorrow.... no matter what time I finally get to it!
3.) I really honestly have been super busy..... making excuses :)
That all being said I will TRY to be more like the blogs of people you can count on. maybe. I mean get over yourself this is my blog and I do what I want. Read it and weep people! J/K I just thought I sounded so hardcore there.
Hope everyone has a SAFE and fun 4th of July!!!
{ shirt: consigned baby gap, pants: carters leggings,  flag bow: Forever 21}


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