Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Trendy Tot

Is "Trendy Tot Tuesday" still floating around somewhere in the blogosphere? I would totally link up if it is....but I remember seeing it awhile ago, as in over a year ago I think, and could never remember to post let alone link up for it.

{Edit.... after a quick Google search I have found Trendy Tot Tuesday!} 

Anywho, now that Jaida is two it is slightly....seriously only the slightest of slight bits.... easier to take pictures of her. Sure, bribery with chocolate is often involved, but I don't blame the girl because we ARE related and if you know me, you know I too am easily bribed with chocolate!

 I have been on a serious crafty/sewing/fashion/pretending my toddler is a life sized doll, kick. I blame it on Pinterest. I honestly blame everything on Pinterest, having ADHD and all I truly should not be allowed to scroll through all the pretty pins and dream my life away, but I do.  All those pins that I have under "what I wear" basically become what Jaida wears.... because she is small and doesn't have a weird shaped body, and basically looks great in everything. So yes, perhaps I live my fashion life through my daughter. Judge away, I won't stop ;) 

That being said I decided to share my most recent toddler trends with you all. Also, if this does become a weekly thing I promise not to vomit so many trends at once.... but I couldn't let these slip by without proper recognition.

 ** there is no coffee in that cup people it's just apple juice**

 ** If you follow me on Instagram I apologize because this is nothing new!**





Jennifer Collver said...

Seriously though, Jaida is just too adorable!

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