Saturday, September 13, 2014

A week goes by quick

Wow, so this whole waking up at 5am thing all week was harder than I thought. I actually felt like I had MORE energy most days, but I also felt like I had put in my "work" for the day and blogging along with everything else took the back burner. I have a bazillion things on my to-do list, yet if it wasn't making me money this week I totally didn't do it! On a good note, the family I just started sitting for is great! I love the girls... they have such sweet personalities. I have also really enjoyed all the little car conversations with them as well as Jordon and the neighbor girl I take to school. I feel like a bus driver.... with far less kids.... and a much smaller vehicle. I really like it though. 

Onto the next thing.... because again.... pointless blabbing isn't always fun to read. 

I know my "plan" was to do my instagram pictures of my week, every Friday but I hardly took any....and it is no Saturday. haha. 

Either way.... here is a snippet and i will hopefully be back on track starting Monday.

 my first ever Blue Apron shipment { perhaps future blog post}

Jaida got her face painted at our church block party

We went to the fair.... and proof we spent the week being kinda lazy....



Liesl said...

Such yumminess and cuteness all around!!! :)

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