Monday, September 1, 2014

September!! Is it fall now?

First, I find it most ironic that I plan to stay on top of blogging from this point on....yet slacked on hitting publish for this post meant to go live first thing this morning. So here you go....a tad late ;)

I know....Not many people look forward to the summer months coming to an end. I say bring on the fall and give me ALL the Pumpkin Spice. I seriously love everything about fall. I love the rain, the boots, the cool weather, the clouds, the hooded sweatshirts, the scarves and one of my all time favs.... "Soup Sundays." Yay, I just cannot wait! We have had a taste of fall this week here in Washington, and I have loved it! All this being said....can you believe it is already September?! Wow. Time for me to start a new trend here on the ol' blog. Monthly goals. I will do 5 goals to be my main focus each month. So lets start shall we.

 ( lofty, I know) and along with this.... plan out my day, EVERY DAY. 

 ( eat clean 3 days then 1 cheat day, eat clean 2 days then another cheat day) 

**sneak peak of future blog post!**



So I guess we will see how this goes right friends? 


Jennifer Collver said...

Haha Jordon looks so thrilled with you in that last picture ;) Also Piyo yes, you should start that soon. I need to get back on it but I'm sick right now so workouts are not so much on my daily agenda!

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