Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That toddler swag tho

I know there are people out there that just cringe when people (mis)spell though. Because it's sooooo hard to add a couple extra letters to the end to actually complete the word right? Welp, when it comes to trying to fit in with the kids ima hafta keep talkin bout that swag tho. <---- ok, ew.... I won't. 

I do have a very important question 'tho' hehe. On a scale of 1- you're trying to hard, how crazy is it that I always feel the need to up my toddler's "swag" every week. I mean, to be honest she really only looks amazingly cute one day a week (clothing wise) because I am far to lazy to put in the time and effort to coordinate and plan outfits for the rest of the week. I'm just sayin. I rarely even think about her outfit for church until, ohhhh, SATURDAY NIGHT!! Then, I spend that entire evening piecing together her "OOTD" {outfit of the day} sew any extras, make matching jewelry, the works..... just to have one day where people obsess over how stylish 'she' is. 
Which completely cracks me up by the way.... how stylish SHE is.... you do realize I am the one who puts those outfits together right?!

Anyway, I am pretty sure that it has gotten beyond the point of trying to hard. So there ya go, I answered my own question. I should have known this post would go full circle and I would come to my own conclusion. Only makes sense. 

I wish I had taken more pics of this adorable outfit and child but there were literally people watching us at the doors of the church waiting to tell us good morning, when I swiftly pulled the kid to the side and told her to stand next to the tree. At least we didn't take long.... because I only really got ONE good picture. boo.

lemme break it down... 
Sweater knit, fleece lined black leggings, and white 3 button shirt with heart patched sleeves were on clearance at Fred Meyer. Shoes from Amazon {here} glasses also from Amazon {here} Baby Gap 'Vest' is a 0-6month jacket I cut the sleeves off of (literally years ago) Head scarf is mine from Maurices {here}



Daisy @ Simplicity Relished said...

Love this post. It's real, honest, and your little one is SO CUTE! And yes, I hate doe, tho, etc.-- just "though". :)

Daisy | Simplicity Relished

Nancy @ Neatly-Packaged said...

How adorable!! :)

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