Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to school week (My insta-week)

Trying another new thing....recapping my week every Friday, with Instagram pics! 
(Hope this helps me to take more pictures!!) 

This week has been pure madness! First of all, I forgot how difficult it really is to wake up early everyday to take Jordon to school... and I haven;t even started the new gig yet! So next week I will be getting up 2 hours earlier ahhhhh!!!! Stay tuned for future sleep deprived blog posts. 

Jordon stayed the weekend with my parents last weekend, and since it was a 3 day weekend he got to enjoy some extra time there and didn't come home until Monday night. Jaida and I always go outside and wait for him when I know he is on the way home. It is so fun because she is already in her jammies and we just sit and chat. This week it was crazy because for the first time in months it was starting to get dark out, just a reminder that the summer days are really coming to an end. 

I also spent a couple days this week at a friends house watching her son (who is also 2) and it sure does give me a new respect for parents of multiples, or even just multiple toddlers. Neither he, nor Jaida wanted to nap and even in separate rooms they seemed to be working together at a scheme to keep from sleeping. It worked, they went without naps and boy were they both exhausted by dinner time! 

Wednesday was back to school for Jordon and also the day that I got my first shipment of food from a company called Blue Apron. I will be blogging more about that later. The food was free for me because my sister orders from them and after so many orders you get to send a free week of meals to a friend....that was where I came take the free food! Yum, thanks sister!! :) 

I also baked some delicious banana bread muffins this week ( blog post coming soon) and even had a chance to get a football party in, on a school night, complete with finger foods and beer. Yes the Seahawks won, my week is now complete.

What have you all been up to this week?



Julia Paige said...

looks like those banana bread muffins are to die for! YUM!!!

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