Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Get your butt to school child!

Honestly, I have absolutely nothing to write about today. zip, ziltch, nada. Part of me is hoping that as I type these words something will come to mind. Well I've got some ramblings for you anyway. It is the first day back to school today and I should have most definitely prepared myself to be waking up a few hours earlier than I did all summer long. That however would have required me to wake up early on days that I didn't need to. So I didn't. I slept until at least 8:30 Like I always say...give me ALL the sleep! I mean, it is such a blessing that my daughter sleeps until about 9am. I haven't had to wake before the sun in about 3 months. I would actually sleep longer if my body would let me. Ugh, was not looking forward to these early mornings at all!! Not to mention I just took a part time "gig" watching a couple girls before school and then taking them to school each day.... ummm that starts at 5am people FIVE A.M. I will die. What was I thinking. I have gone completely cray. I know.  I was somehow comparing it in my head to when I used to have to be at Starbucks by about 3:30am to open the store back in the day, but let me remind you and myself that the first thing I did there each morning was make myself a very strong cup of coffee. I don't have the power or machine strength to do that here. boo. So watch out world I will probably be cranky on several occasions. I suppose I will survive. I am, after all,  the one who volunteered for this in the first place sheesh. 

I'm sorry, I feel like me telling you all about my early morning plans is super boring, but I wasn't kidding when I said I had nothing to tell you. I suppose this also brings me to the question, is it better to just not blog on days like this? I feel like most days nothing really pops into my head that's interesting enough to blab about to y'all. Hence having weeks and sometimes almost complete months where I just go quiet. Bore-to- the- ing. Now that school is back in sesh I have a few extra hours each day that I plan to fill with blogging. But, as much as I'm looking forward to Jordon being back in school, I quite possibly will miss having a helping hand when it comes to cleaning up toddler messes during the day. Oh the pros and cons of having a school aged child. Really though.....



Jennifer Collver said...

Kid messes are the worst, why do they feel the need to take everything out at once and then completely ignore it? I'm glad that Kiera is now in Pre-K because she was the worst at making messes with toys, Christopher is content just sitting on the floor flipping through a book or magazine :)

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