Wednesday, January 2, 2013

O.C. Dizzle

Today friends we need to discuss the looming OCD-ness that lurks in this household on the daily.

ok, ok I admit I might have spent last Friday writing and reading blogs all day, but hey I cooked dinner and played with the kiddos too.... life is rough. My not so favorite part of the day was when the hubster got home ( not THAT exact part... I was glad he was home sheesh) and right before working out mind you casually said " are you goina clean the bathrooms tomorrow?' ( As in " You said you were going to clean the bathrooms today and you didn't.")

                                                                      oooo why I otta' *shakes fist*


Just the thought of cleaning the mangy bathrooms makes me sick. (Can I get a "hecks ya" from all you mommies with boys!) and then to ask right before you work out --just another thing I didn't get to-- way to rub in how well you have this work 10 hrs, come home, work out and STILL think about cleaning thing down! Not to mention on his "weekend" he dusted, vacuumed, swept... etc. etc. oh my good little housewife...... haha.

People always say " you're so lucky he does his own laundry, and is clean yada, yada, yada." but am I really? I mean the hubs has some serious OCD going on. Those of us with "normal eyes" would not notice anything wrong with my cleaning.... but his super-perfect-clean-checkers see even the smallest missed crumb. I suppose I could have it MUCH worse though! My husband is a blessing!!

So what do I do to get even? ---- well first things first I cleaned those bathrooms-----

I was thinking more along the lines of posting this little gem:

I was rushing not to get caught taking this so sorry its so blurry 

yep that is my lovely husband cleaning..... with Jordon's ninja mask on. Nice babe.....Nice. Now let's see if he reads the blog today ;)

Well, keep it clean friends!


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

So funny! My husband doesn't even know how to turn on the stove :)

E.Elizabeth said...

HAHA!! I still can't decide which is worse, having a husband that can't (or chooses not to) do things around the house, or having one who does it better than you!!

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