Friday, June 14, 2013

Guess what came in the mail?

No more "Coffee Date" link up... I'm doin my own thing and callin' it
 I wanted to get this video up so you can all see the exciting things that came in my mail today!!
Before you watch this video let me just say a couple things....
1. I don't know why I swallow so dang hard sometimes
2. The "greens" product I sell are NOT new the BERRY FLAVOR is new, but it sounds like I'm saying it's a new product. That would be false.
3. My side hair seems poofy in this video but I am so over recording myself 2412807 times before I put a video up so from now on you get what you get.... 100 "ummms" and all. LOL
4. I say I'm busy just "hanging out with my husband and daughter" as if Jordon doesn't matter...not the case he is just in school during the time I'm "hangin out" once he gets home I'm usually cookin dinner etc. So don't judge me like I play favs. haha.
Lastly... Yes there is a band aid on my finger and it annoyed the crap outa me when recording but no I'm not dying from this paper cut, I think I will be alright thanks for caring in advance ;)
Here are some pics. I'm about to run so I don't have time to edit and I know people wanted to see so here ya go!
please just tilt your own head I am too busy to edit this right now lol

again a little tilt of the head and your gravy!
Lastly Here is the link to my biz It's Skinny Time! Let me know if you wanted to take part in the $20.00 per wrap customer appreciation week that ends Sunday!
Have an awesome weekend kiddos!


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