Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meet Jorge

Let me start by saying...don't you DARE judge me for this blog post.
I know I have started and made a million excuses to stop then miserably failed several times....BUUUUT here we go again. I feel like I have yo-yo'd for the last time on this diet roller coaster. I have succeeded with several "diets" but have never maintained the lifestyle change. I lost about 20lbs doing weight watchers FOUR times. Then I lost 30lbs years ago doing a program called Kinetix. Lastly after getting pregnant and giving birth to Jaida I have lost 40lbs (well from literally the day I gave birth I have lost over 60lbs but I left the hospital having already lost about 20lbs) and I am back to my "pre Jaida weight" but let's remember PRE Jaida I was not happy with my weight yet. 
I think I have finally found a lifestyle change that I can stick to. This is where I introduce you to Jorge.
"Hello Jorge Cruise" you say. Well here's the thing...Jorge is not down with the belly fat. I mean who IS really?? If you are, well you shouldn't be because having fat in your mid-section is the worst place you could carry it, and I'm talking about being bad for those organs of yours!! He wrote a book...well he has written several....but his most recent is called "The 100" and he has been on several talk shows promoting it recently which is where we "met" ( duh we didn't actually meet since I was clearly sitting on my couch watching talk shows eating bon bons like every other stay at home mom....and YES I am being sarcastic because we SAHMs work hard people!)
I am actually not reading that book because I wasn't sure if it was something I could stick too and I didn't want to buy ANOTHER "diet book" to add to the pile. SO instead I borrowed his book "the belly fat cure" for free on my kindle with my Amazon Prime account! So far I have yet to come across another book chalk full of recipes and food swaps that actually sound good. I mean the guy even wrote a weekly menu plan for almost completely FAST FOOD....madness. If that doesn't feel like real life when your a busy mom I don't know what does. I don't mean we will be eating fast food more often AT ALL because I still don't believe it is healthy, however if you must grab food on the run why not know WHAT food to grab...right?
I will **hopefully** keep you updated via blogging about this...but like everything, if it doesn't workout a couple weeks in you may never hear about it. I have faith though and think I have found something I can stick to!!
From here on out I count all food into a daily value of 15/6...that's 15g of sugar a day and no more than 6 servings of carbs (20g=1 serving)


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