Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gotta Run!

Alright lovelies....
It is a new month.
That means time to commit to eating right, losing weight, working out, keeping play dates, organizing the house, making a blog schedule, setting up business meetings, charting my month, filling out my planner, learning to love running, reading more, meal planning, list writing, grocery shopping.....
All to just give up in a week because I can't start everything at once and realistically keep it going. Why is it that when I want to start something new it HAS to start on a Monday or the 1st of a new month. Just makes sense to my brain. It does NOT however make sense mentally
Kinda like that last comment
I seem to always run my life and my blog in a feast or famine sorta way. I'm all in or all out but can never seem to find a happy medium. My months usually start strong and finish weak...because I get exhausted and give up. This has got to stop!!
Everyone says to conquer one thing at a time but the problem with that is by the time I conquer everything on my long list it will be next year! Maybe that isn't so bad, but have I mentioned that I have no patience?!
So how about I at least commit to learning to run :) I kinda have to because Jon wants to run with me so I can't let him down.
Maybe I will try this....
wish me luck!!


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