Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hold up...WEIGHT a minute.

Ok ok ok ... I will try it. I will jump on the "admit you need to lose" bandwagon. I will share my before pictures. FINE.


I am scared mostly because my BUSINESS is health. People come to me to change their lives and here I can't get my own in order. Here's the thing, if you don't buy nutritional supplements from me you will buy them somewhere else. Everyone is in it for themselves. I have had personal success from these products but then I fall off just like everyone else and quit using them as much as I should. I write monthly newsletters, attend meetings, text and talk with people daily about their struggles and suggest how to change. Then after all that I am exhausted and I eat half a loaf of bread or pizza. It's like I don't take my own words to heart. It's funny because some of the most successful people in this company struggle with their own weight just like I do. **Ps, why did I say "It's funny" that is not funny at all.** obesity is a problem in the United States. Like a BIG problem. The only thing that is "good" (if you'd call it that) is that many of us can relate. Thank you fast food and overloaded calendars for helping to create a fat society.

I NEED to be held accountable. I NEED people to remind me that if I don't loose this weight I will most likely cancel my Hawaii trip this summer and forfeit fun that I deserve, just because I won't be comfortable in a bathing suit. I NEED to remember I dislike summer because.... tank tops and less clothes. That is silly. I should enjoy life, not be miserable just because of my addiction to unhealthy food.

One of my biggest issues actually ISN'T that I could make pizza an everyday thing, or that cookie dough makes me happy. It is actually that I get so busy.... or lazy.... that I live on coffee all day long. It takes no thinking. Cup on machine, push button, add completely bad for me creamer annnnd drink. Repeat at least 3 times a day and you are living my reality. Not to mention my aversion to sweat and being tired which makes working out a total bummer.

Get over yourself Erin, because you deserve a FULL life!

Anyone on this long road with me?!

There are a group of bloggers that are too.... so I m linking up to be a part of "Operation get Fit" with Sarah and promising myself to do better! You should join in too... come on you know you wanna!

Venus Trapped in Mars

ugh I was going to try to "forget" to post the before pics. That would be step one to starting down the path to failuresville, so here goes regretting showing everyone what goes on under these clothes nothing.


Keep in mind I am 3 pounds less now so obviously that gut is practically gone ;) ha ha.
Starting weight: 163
This wouldn't be so bad if it was a baby bump pic with the label"3 months" instead of how I actually look when I'm not sucking in. Yup, I told you my secret. I can pass for normal under clothes because I suck it in sweetheart! So let's say goodbye to this food baby and hello to sweatin it up with the big dogs.


Jennifer Collver said...

I love that you did this :) I still need to get mine up but I'm a slacker so I haven't yet. But I will!

Sarah Anthony said...

I love this too!! And you CAN and WILL do it. Give yourself no other option but to do it. I love you and think that your honesty and realness is refreshing and much needed!

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

YOU GO GIRL. I'm so proud of you for putting this out there, that is amazing. And guess what, that was the hardest part (IMO!). I cant' wait to see the progress you make!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

You have to start somewhere! You are going to rock it!

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