Thursday, January 30, 2014

My not so "average" day { a photo an hour}

Yesterday was a crazy day! Soooo busy. You know why it was so busy? Because I decided that I wanted to be a part of this link up where I take photos every hour throughout the day, and I didn't want to bore you all with pictures of me working at my computer all day long. So I planned yesterday to be a "day of fun" and it was fun.... just busy.
So here is what went down....
First of all Wednesday is the only day of the week, along with an occasional Saturday that I get to sleep in because my neighbor drives the kiddos to school that day. (So I get up to send him next door at 7:00am and then go back to sleep) Now don't get me wrong, to many people 7:00 am IS sleeping in. Not for me people, this mama likes her sleeeeep!
Long story short, even though its a little late for that yesterday I got to sleep in! So my day started at about 9:30.
Breakfast of champs (and of people who don't follow serving sizes... I could live off of this meal all day everyday I swear!) Special K Red Berries YUMMM and of course coffee!

Next it was getting ready time, shower blow-dry, make up etc.

Still on schedule the baby ate her lunch.... and of course took the turkey out of this wrap first thing. Ugh. Why is she the pickiest eater?!
Now here is where taking pictures took over my brain because I decided we should SKIP the normal nap time. Say whaaaaaat?! Instead we took a drive into town and went to the children's museum. So..Much... Fun!

This is the first time she had ever painted, super cute right!

Next mommy and daddy needed lunch so we stopped for some Pho. I got the tofu and veggie pho. Seeing this makes me want to go eat the left overs right this second!!

My son gets home at 2:30. Cute bus huh. He goes to a small charter school so there aren't many kids that ride busses home. Only a few kids on this bus. 

The baby went down for a late nap and  I spent a good part of the afternoon washing drying and ironing all the clothes that don't fit her anymore so that I could sell, donate, or consign them.

When she woke up we hit the store to pick up dinner and a movie Yay for pizza night. I know this is like the worst pizza to choose but oh man was it gooood.

See, good!!

We started the movie and watched it during dinner...Oh the things we do because its a school night for the boy but the weekend for the husband!

Bathtime for the baby... an hour later than normal! Then she went to bed.

I had a second cup of coffee..don't judge me... while I read to my son. He is doing a reading challenge so each week he has to read 100 mins and I have to read to him for 100 minutes. This week however we are playing catch up and doing 200 mins each. Its a LOT.


FINALLY, after the kids were both asleep It was relaxing time for us, to watch some Walking Dead on Netflix. Yep, the floor is still a mess and I don't care!

Which leads me the end of the night.... when I finished editing these pictures and preparing this blog post.
Every day is not this exciting.... but we had fun and. Hope you enjoyed a peak into my life!! Don't you want to join in on the fun?



Tracey said...

What a cool concept for a post! I enjoyed following along your day!

Meg O. said...

Your kids are SO cute. My daughter is going through a SUPER picky phase right now and it's killing me! We have to give her baby food pouches so she gets a serving of veggies!! And dear goodness pho is sent from heaven... love it sooo much!!! Thanks for linking up with us!

Brittany Fry @ The 26th of August said...

Hello! I am visiting from the link up.
You did pick a fun day for the photo an hour. Your daughter looks so cute painting (: and 200 minutes each is a lot of reading, but good quality time fore sure!!!!

Neatly- Packaged said...

aww your little ones are adorable! and I loved the concept of taking pictures every hour :) thank you for sharing!

Cathy said...

Love this idea! I want to do it!


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