Friday, March 29, 2013

It was MY sin!

It's Good Friday people!!
I have always thought the  name was so strange... I mean sure it was GOOD that our sins can be forgiven but how horribly BAD that Jesus had to be crucified in such a horrible manner. I mean I can't even come to terms with saying "HAPPY Good Friday."
I know to many people today is just another day that they go on with their lives. Perhaps your getting ready for Easter Sunday by filling baskets with plastic eggs and candy...don't get me wrong I do that too..... But I truly hope that if even for just a quick minute you STOP and thank the Lord for giving his son for us!!
We will do the usual and watch "Passion of the Christ" just as a visual reminder. Somehow I go into that movie knowing all too well how it plays out but thinking that I will not cry this time since I have seen it so many times. Never...I mean NEVER the case. I will bawl like a baby....nose running and all. How can you not? Don't you feel the pain for Jesus... Doesn't your heart just ache?! Well mine does!
On a side note I am super excited that Jon is off this Sunday and gets to come to church with us as a family! YAY!
I also feel like we may or may not have gone all out getting cute outfits to wear....and by WE I mean myself and the kidlets. Jon will probably wear something he already owns LOL. Sorry babe!
until next time....AKA tomorrow I hope!!


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