Monday, March 18, 2013

Wish me luck!!

Ok, so you know how I have been super busy? Well I know I had mentioned kinda quick how I was selling "those crazy wrap things" or "skinny wraps" but that was it. Well itWorks has been a huge blessing to me as far as finding the means of extra income. I was actually really worried that nobody would want anything to do with me after my last direct sales fiasco, but it has been quite the opposite!

I am not sure yet how this next plan I have will go but I am hoping and praying for the best..... here are my thoughts::

#1. I am drinking A TON ( more than half my weight in oz) of water for the next couple days ** I know I always should but I am going to pay close attention for the next few days and really REALLY be on top of this.

#2. I am going to take some before pictures of my tummy (YIKES!!)

#3. I am going to wrap every 72hrs. for a full wrap treatment (4 wraps)

#4. I will be taking fat fighters occasionally, thermofit daily, and using defining gel in between wraps daily as well.

#5. Continue drinking at least half my weight in oz of water daily!

#6. I will take after pics (Hopefully YAY)

#7. **big step** I will POST the pictures!!

I have several friends who are now selling itWorks themselves as well as friends just using the product and have seen plenty of amazing before and after shots..... but nothing makes someone pay attention to how amazing a product is then if I had my own personal testimony.

So here goes nothing!

** No but really people look at these amazing results I have seen on my team facebook pages!!**

{2 wraps in one week}

{1 full treatment= 4 wraps}

{3 wraps}
See it really DOES work!!
** For more info visit my site @ or click the cool button my sister made for me on the left of this page under my bio!!**


Jenn said...

What a nice sister you have ;) LOL (She's super hilarious too oh and modest!) I feel bad because I haven't been using my itworks products for the last couple of weeks maybe because I knew I was going to be eating pretty much two entire birthday cakes by myself so that would be a waste. There are still 8 pieces left from Christophers cake ... 3200 cals... I need to just throw that out! I am so SICK of eating cake!!

E.Elizabeth said...

Hahaha...shes alright ;) I almost said I want cake then remembered I am in the HEALTH AND WELLNESS industry. You keep that sugar!

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