Thursday, March 14, 2013

oh hey... just me.... a "blogger"

Holy frejoles 11 DAYS?
This is unacceptable.

Welp, here I am again going to pretend I am a "blogger" when I have officially not blogged much AT ALL lately. SAD.

I have used a lot of caps in this post. weird.

You know what I never did??? I never did an update for Jaidas 8 months did I... oh man I'm so lame. well let me post some pics of that right quick.

I could not get a decent pic for the life of me!! I have high standards for my daughters pictures that are going into blog land.

apparently thats not true (see above)
oh well.

On another note I got a HUGE box of clothes from my sister today and I proceeded to look through them and pull them all out to show Jaida and tell her how excited she was to get them. Then I made her put on some skirts and change into a cute sweater coat.

Jaida loves clothes... I know she does... because she's mine and I said so.

I think I have more to say than I thought. I have been putting off blogging and then whipped this out in less than 10 mins.

I don't know the difference between than and then sometimes.


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