Tuesday, March 19, 2013

vent o' the day

Clearly I have an underlying reason for blogging..... I have a big mouth. HAHA

I have so much to say that won't fit in daily Facebook status' and even though I share a lot of how I feel about things with my friends sometimes I just like to vent it out there to the blogging world too!

Today on my mind.....

 Ok thats not really on my mind.... I mean today IS Jaida's "9 month birthday" and all (PS the 9 month update will be tomorrow or another day LOL sorry) but I just saw that picture of my belly again and had to repost it I mean DAAAAAAANNNNNGGG guuurl!
On to my real vent'o the day! SKEPTICS! ** also added to this are whiners, downers, non-believers, and the people that just don't think they can do it!**
So here's the thing. I guess for me I just got tired of seeing my friends and other people that I knew finding this freedom that I never thought I was "good enough for" I always figured that my husband would work the "real job" and I would JUST be a stay at home mom (haha JUST ....thats a good one huh mom friends) I tried one avenue of direct sales and was like pssssh no thanks I'm no sales person. I failed. Miserably.
This time I did things differently... I pray for my business. I am determined. Most of all I have decided that nobody is going to tell me that I CANT be successful. Not even myself! There are people making thousands upon thousands monthly and these are people I know. Why can that NOT be me?
This is such a huge blessing and I trust in the Lord. I feel in my heart that this is what I am MEANT to do....I know that all of the favor I am given is so that I can help other people and be a blessing! It is happening for me..... I just wish other people would stop telling themselves that it cannot happen to them!
See you at the top!


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