Monday, March 25, 2013

9 months!!

NINE months..... wow! Time is just flying by!! The good news is that although I know I will miss these "baby days" I am so looking forward to watching this little precious girl grow up. I do however think that most of that could be for the sheer selfishness of playing dress up with my own child... I mean I do that now (see this Sundays outfit below) but some things they just don't make in tiny size... or they do but I know she will grow out of it so fast.

 Jaida finally got that belly off the ground and started crawling. I am not a fan. It's cute and all but gone are the days of sitting in piece and here are the days of "Jaida NO...Jaida NOOOO"... "Jaida don't go over there"**stand up and move her** "Jaida come by mommy" **get up move her** "Jaida let's not go towards the stairs" ** turn her around**

It's tiring.

Oh well.... next she will be walking, then running..... at that point I may as well chop off my hair and sell my computer because I will no longer have the time to do my hair and makeup while she just sits and watches, and I DEFINITELY wont have time to blog or Facebook. Thank goodness she still loves to sleep. All. The. Time. :) 

PS:: have y'all ever heard of "Baby Mum Mums" they are like rice crackers and they are amazing.... Jaida has been eating ONE this entire time I have blogged. Next thing you know she will be able to scarf that sucker down in one bite, guess I better learn how to type more than 3 words per minute. haha.

That being said I am outa here my loves, enjoy this beautiful baby pic from yesterday would ya!



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