Saturday, March 16, 2013


Well look at me... blogging when i just blogged a couple days ago. Can this be happening?

Pinch yourselves people cause here I am!! ** I will however have to pause and take some time to find some pictures to put up cause we all know how much I can't stand blogging with no food for my eyes!**

Anyway, I have been SOOOO busy lately. Like crazy, haven't had a chance to relax busy. Then there is today. I have NO PLANS! It is amazing. I might even put off the 3 loads of laundry and dishes that need to be done and replace that with a trip to the park with the kids and a nap. SHHH don't tell hubs. just kidding!

Can I take a quick second tho to say something..... I'm sure hardly anyone is reading this but you know what makes me sad ( even though I tell myself its unintentional) when you send "friends" on facebook a message, whether just to say "hi, I miss you" or to follow up on something or anything really and then you can see it was read at exactly what time it was read and even days and weeks later they just never respond. First off let me say, being in network marketing and doing a lot of messaging and chatting about business on Facebook can put you in the awkward position to have that happen..... But I'm talking about when I literally just say "HEY!!" or "thought about you today we need to hangout soon!" I am not wanting to meet up to sell you something.... you are my FRIEND ( I thought) are we not friends enough to hang out? I could care less if you reply "sorry I'm super busy I'll let you know when I get a sec" or IF for some reason its business related just say "NO THANKS!" it's really super annoying because look people I know your busy... I get that..... but I am like the busiest person on the planet and every relationship, facebook or not is important to me! I purposely don't read messages that I see in my inbox unless I have a chance to reply because I don't want anyone else to feel this way.

{via google images.... you prob wouldn't reply if i was this boring LOL}
Oh one more side note:: I have found my own success and if I am bringing anything up business related to friends I am trying to help you find the freedom I have found.... not help myself. I hate seeing so many people not applying themselves!! It's a selfish world out there but I truely feel God has put me in this position to bless OTHERS. So please don't think I am contacting you about getting coffee for some hook, line and sinker.... LOL. If you don't think it's for you it's not and you are not hurting my feelings or changing my life at all!!

That's all.... haha!

So now while all you 5 people that aren't even my facebook friends go change your settings -if possible- to remove this feature, I am going to make some banana bread..... because I'm sorry but does the smell alone not make your day complete?! Oh that's just me? Cool.
PS:: If you ARE my friend and did this lately to me..... don't worry I am not singling anyone out!! Also if I do this to you please know I do not mean to at all and prob missed it somehow or just forgot to respond which is what I tell myself is happening to me too :)


Jenn said...

I probably do that to people all the time oops. Also... I HATE banana bread (maybe we aren't really related haha)

E.Elizabeth said...

I don't get it... do you read it and think "oh well they arent worth talking too." hahaha I mean I look at it like a conversation, if someone asked me a question i wouldnt just never answer. ever.

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