Friday, May 3, 2013

I wanna play!!

Sooooo...... I suck at these things. No you guys I am really, really bad. I have started a few times to do the photo a day challenge and I fail miserably every.single.time.
So wish me luck would ya!
I actually have a pretty jam packed blogging schedule set up for May, BUT I have a few days of nothingness and I decided I am up for this challenge!
*side note* Is it weird that I only like link-ups with pretty buttons or ones that "match"my blog?
I already blogged today, about the amazingness that is my sons 10th birthday here, but he chose to stay the night with my parents, hubby is at work and the baby is fast asleep... so here I am ....back in blog- land.... my second home!
Here's the thing, I am not going to play "catch up" so I am starting here on day 3 with:
::Things that make you uncomfortable::
LOL...what DOESN'T make me uncomfortable? I have an acute anxiety disorder so I live a lot of my life in discomfort. If you know me you would probably say I am "outgoing" and I would say that too, but after really thinking about this I've decided that I am just really good at faking being comfortable by using humor. Here are some of the main things that make me especially uncomfortable;
1.) Talking on the phone - Not to sound like everyone else who wrote this today but for real, talking on the phone is NOT my thing. Honestly unless you are my husband, mom, or sister I am probably slightly uncomfortable. Matter of fact I usually leave my phone on silent so that I don't have to lie if I miss a call.... because I WANT to miss calls, and then I will text when I notice I have missed your call instead of just calling you back. When I do have to make a phone call I usually put it off as long as possible and call right before I have to do something important that will force me to say "Oh hey, I just pulled into blah blah blah let me call you back" and then I will text later. maybe.
If you really need me fast text or Facebook and I bet you will hear back purdy quick like.
2.) Going to events alone. You know when someone invites you to something and the only other person you will know is the host/hostess. I hate that! Usually unless I feel totally obligated or maybe if my kids will be there as well I won't be showing  up. I know the person who invited me will have to spend time with everyone which means a lot of time for me to sit facebooking on my phone to avoid...ummm people watching and eavesdropping....which looks really awkward to everyone else around.
3.) Attention- Ok if you know me, NO, this is not someone else writing my blog. It's true, I used to love to be the center of attention...and sometimes still do... but I hate when the attention is like someone is praising me in front of people, etc. I am great with quick compliments so please keep them coming HAHA but seriously a whole conversation about me is totally unnecessary!
that's all for today people I'm tired!



Susannah said...

I get uncomfortable talking on the phone too! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! :-)

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