Wednesday, May 22, 2013


How bout' a dash of about THAT people!! So if you are keeping track of all of my recent blog fails you can stop because I am about to compile them all for you in one easy place.
Right. Herrrrr, ready. GO
Fail #1: This Post committing to blogging everyday in May. Pssssh what was I thinking? Do I know me? Yes Erin you do have a lot to say, however not all of it is blog worthy.... keep this in mind and tell yourself daily.
moving on
Fail #2: My sad attempt to link up with some other blogs for mothers day. I did the first one late at night and figured I would just link the next one....and then I bet you can guess how that ended. Just like this sentence, cause that was it.
Lastly (so far)
Fail #3: Soooo remember a couple weeks ago when I was all gung ho on blogging about my weight loss journey? No...? oh that's probably because I did 2 blog posts then disappeared. here's a refresher. Oh don't worry I have been weighing myself every Wednesday, but in between all the cake and birthday parties I may or may not have "forgotten" to be trying to be more healthy. So without the corny scale picture I will just tell you. Today I weigh....
163 lbs
That means I have only lost ONE el bee in two weeks. Sad.
Now back to this bag of cheeto puffs
from Trader Joes. ugh get off me people I never eat this crap.
Please pass the Nutella.
One day at a time....ONE DAY


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