Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday #2

Alright people..... we are on week #2 of the 8 week challenge so that means it is time to weigh in!!

Well...there it is. Do you want the good news or the bad news.....
Ok, so the good news is I lost 2.2 el bees  (haha get is LBS) and the bad news is Im still in the 160s I totally slacked on the exercising this week AND the meal planning! Wow glad I joined a challenge and then really just didn't change anything except for take my supplements etc. all week. Kinda like the blog everyday in May challenge that I am also failing!!
Maybe I should stop taking on challenges...OR.....maybe just stick to them!
Also this week I have another dilemma, I want to wrap my tummy to tighten and firm it more BUT I also want to wrap my arms. So what do y'all say to wrappin the arms today and then wrappin the belly in 72hrs. Good? Ok, I'm down! ;)
oh ps...this is not me :)

Need to tighten up these arms! Don't worry people I will also do some free weights and push ups etc... I gotsta get on my grind sheesh!
Here goes week TWO!


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