Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can I get a do over...

Do you ever start something and then look back months later when it is not where you want it to be and think...uh yeah DO OVER PLEASE.

Yup me too...story of my life! So I know I have mentioned somewhere before (probably my first blog) that I have slight OCD when it comes to organization, calendars, planners, notebooks...really anything that requires me to write things out by hand. Which oddly enough I also prefer to typing. whatevs.
This "problem" started in high school when we were required to keep notebooks or journals etc in class. I would sometimes have half of a least a good 50 pages or more.... completely written on from all my note taking and then with one slip of the pen my handwriting would change or start looking funny, or I would spell something wrong IN PEN. White out was to obvious that I had made a mistake and no way was I going to just let it fly so what would I do you ask. Rewrite the entire notebook of course.

I know what you're thinking here by the way "why didn't you just use pencil...DUH"

Well I also have issues with the way a pen writes. I am VERY particular.

I am still this way with my planner from Erin Condren BUT I do use pencil and white out when needed. It is color coded and honestly I would cry if I ever lost it. **side note I am DYING to order my new one but they are not revealing it until June** EEEEEP!

My point to this story is that I often live this nightmare everyday when looking at my blog and/or past blog posts. Sometimes I just want to start completely new. With a plan, and a blogging schedule and a new template and web address and pretty pictures and buttons all that fancy stuff that I would later complain took too long to create when all I am here to do is vent and share stories about my life.

Ugh ..... how do you move on when your tastes change everyday? or when you are constantly rethinking everything?! How do you blog when you have ADHD?

That being said, bear with me people.... I think the blog may undergo another makeover soon.



Rebecca Coleman said...

Same ocd handwriting issues haha too funny

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