Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Posh baby! :)

 I know... it's my mom's "gave birth to me day" ;) 
I also know it is "weigh-in Wednesday"
BUT I have something waaaaaaaaaaaay more important that just came to my attention in the blogging world that I seriously HAVE to put in first today.
So I was stalking reading Kaitlyn's blog (over at wifessionals) and you guys she has come up with the most brilliant idea ever....serious...EVER.
So I don't know how much you can tell by the scattered pics of Jaida dressed like my little mini in "adult style" clothes, but trust she is the most stylish baby that I know!! So anyway... Kaitlyn's new biz TWICE AS POSH is up and running on instagram! Here is what it is in her words:
Twice As Posh is a place for you to buy and sell fashionable kids clothing.
The cool thing is, is that it will be run completely through a central instagram account.
Anyone can buy from Twice As Posh!
If you want to sell items, all you have to do is email me to get approved. Once approved, you will have the password to the Instagram account.
The only requirements to buy or sell is that you must have your own personal instagram account and be able to use Paypal.
When you want to sell something, you just snap a picture, include your personal instagram handle (so we know who is selling), and you're all set!
Other mamas can comment when they want to buy something and then you deal with them directly. There is no catch, no fees and no middle man.
AHHHHH! I am so excited...maybe TOO excited. I love me some social media...I love me some Instagram AND I for sure love me some "posh" baby cuteness for cheaper than dirt prices! So I will for sure be hitting this up on the daily! (No hubs i did NOT say buy things daily.... but I may have thought it)


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