Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Weight loss Challenge time!!!

So my sister ..who also blogs ( forced me to sign up for this Tone it Up challenge. At first I signed up...because its free.... but had no idea what I was signing up for. I went to the Tone it Up Site and read all about it and decided I was in. It's run by these beautiful ladies!
I mean seriously... maybe you can't tell here but they have killer bodies!
Total inspiration!!

They have a line of nutritional stuff food and protein etc. But I figured that DUH, I am in the same industry so I will do their workout stuff ... (whatever it takes to look like that right?!).... BUT I am obviously using our products!!

 I am incorporating products from my itWorks business because they are AMAZE and I am in love with them and will never stop using them! Not to mention I love the fact that they are all natural!
So hubs and I went grocery shopping yesterday for whole, clean, natural foods and I am writing out a weekly menu, but I will go more into the nutrition part next week. Today I wanted to lay out the supplement side of my challenge!

Here is what I am taking everyday::

Over achiever...maybe. BUT I really don't think you can over achieve when going for a significant loss in 8 weeks!

So here's the breakdown:
(morning pre-workout)

Confianza.... cuts my stress WAY down.... love this stuff
Thermofit... revs metabolism, burns almost 300 cals doing nothing..burns more with workout
Greens... balances PH and alkalizes your body, not to mention 8 servings of fruits and veggies!!

(morning after workout)

ProFit..... making a shake with this helps build and maintain lean muscle mass after workout, and promotes healthy digestion!

FatFighters.... taking 2 after any high fat/calorie meal. They will absorb 30-70% of the fat and carbs I have eaten. BOOM bye bye extra fat!
Defining gel... or LIQUID GOLD as I call it! I apply this everywhere to all my trouble areas to tighten and tone loose skin and get rid of cellulite..... so basically it is my whole body lotion LOL.
- Ultimate Body Applicator.... magic in a wrap anyone? I am going to wrap once a week over the next 8 weeks. I was going to do another 4 in a row BUT this challenge is 8 weeks and I want to wrap with it.

**I know it looks like a TON, but everything works together to help get the best results! Along with a healthy diet and exercise I really can't fail!! Also if you want to join me there are several kits that come with most of this stuff in them! Just check out my site....the link is on the left of this page!**

Soooo... I will be brave and tell y'all my weight
but it only goes DOWN from here!! 

Let me know if your joining me!!


Jennifer Collver said...

Haha I better get my post up soon now - I just did my weigh-in after hopping out of the shower. It was NOT pretty. But you're right - It only goes down from here! Good to have accountability with blogging to!

Amber Wysong said...

Awesome girl. can't wait for more updates.

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