Saturday, May 25, 2013

Glasses for under 5 bucks....say whaaaaaat?!

First let me say that when I get a good deal or am VERY happy about a product I tell the world about it!
Obviously the main reason I got into the "skinny wrap biz" because I loved those product so much that I wanted to sell them!!
Anyway... I have found another company that I LOVE!
You NEED to visit if you wear prescription glasses!! Have you guys seen these ads EVERYWHERE?...or is it just me because big brother is watching and I have needed new glasses for awhile now!?!
well I was a total skeptic ( like I am with everything haha) I have actually visited the site several times over the last few months. Even uploaded a pic of myself ...this blurry lil' piece of work that I could virtually "try on" glasses, but after awhile I started paying more attention to how big my nose has gotten since I have had kids and the glasses all started to look just wrong for me. It was kind of like when you write out a word and then look at it a hundred times trying to decide if its spelled right or just looks funny...just me? cool.
horrible "try on" pic
Long story short I made Jon choose between  6 pairs that I had added to my "favs" list. He had to look at me with all of them on...virtually of course.... and pick what looked best.
And then I vetoed his choice and picked the ones I liked instead. classic move right there. So I added them to my cart, put in my RX info and before paying entered the coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE then BAM my total went from like 80 bucks (which is still amaze for glasses!) to $4.95
In case your not hearing me...LESS THAN 5 SMACKERS PEOPLE!
This was TWO DAYS AGO and guess what showed up today

I was so excited I almost let the baby cry while I ripped into the box.... but she was super hungry and I suppose that was more important ;) but once she laid down for her nap it was ON!
I tore open the box to find this....



TA DAAA!!! They are absolutely perfect!! Not to mention I had my eyes checked almost a year ago now and the prescription has been just sitting in my wallet waiting for a deal like this to come along! So thanks Big Brother for stalking me with ads.... apparently your not the only one watching ;)
PS:: Let me leave you with this little gem..... this is the look of an innocent babe....
about to poop in the tub. TWICE

**This post is not sponsored and is completely based on my personal experience and my own opinions. **


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