Friday, January 18, 2013

Dang you backspace!

Today should be Friday Letters day.....

Guess what I did? I wrote out the ENTIRE blog. Re-read it and laughed at my witty little self. Then put in the HTML coding and was about to pop in some pics when BAM.... I clicked something, no idea what, maybe something as innocent as backspace, and lost it all.


I just cannot redo the whole thing. It took to long and I have things to do. I apologize my beautiful bloggy friends because it was a good'n.

Lamesauce.....SUPER lamesauce.

I will be back tomorrow however to update y'all on the baby. She will be seven months old tomorrow. SEVEN people! Where the crap did time go?? probably the same place my last blog post went ugh!

Oh well I will dwell on this all day get over it! Check out this headband I made for the baby the other day. Perhaps she will wear this for her update post. Love!
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Welp gotsta run because my perfect little girl has decided to cut an hour off of her morning nap. Say whaaaaaaaa? please go back to sleep child!


Leigh said...

OH man, I hate when that happens! I always want to start crying because it was lucky that I got the time to sit down and type it out originally, anything extra would have been nothing short of a miracle! I love that headband BTW! I wish my daughter would have let me put things like that on her head...but alas...she does not. :(

Ally F said...

haha that lovely backspace key! This has happened to me more times than I can count during assignments, blog posts, and emails :s

Life of Ally

E.Elizabeth said...

AHHHH I know it happens way to often and I totally want to cry when it does! LOL

Jenn said...

Maybe save your draft after every paragraph? ;)

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