Saturday, January 5, 2013

One year Blogiversary.... kinda

Sometimes I reminisce
Yesterday was my one year blogiversary.
In case you didn't know.....
I had another blog to document my pregnancy.
I stopped liking that blog.
I started a new blog.
tah dah
With all of these preggo posts out here in blog land I decided to visit MY old blog and see what I was complaining about blogging about a year ago when I was pregnant.
Your welcome ahead of time:
** Original post from 01/05/2012**

What's in a name.... other than ummm EVERYTHING! ugh

Who woulda thunk it ( is that right?......LOL) I decided to give it a whirl with looking through some baby names today. Sheesh La Weesh! you know when you say a word over and over and it starts to sound wrong in your head.... or maybe that's just me....... well anyways, I feel like I may have seen some decent names today but HOLY SENSORY OVERLOAD there are a bajillion names out there. HA. I know I don't really want anything too common, and I don't want something so unique that nobody can pronounce my made up baby name BUT this part is harder than I remember! So my 8 year old sons name is Jordon Trey ( neither of which I really LOVED, but it was all about compromise) and I don't feel like naming the baby after anyone, a junior etc... and according to my hubby if it is a boy he wants to name him and if its a girl I can name her. HAHA we will see about that!!

Here is what I have so far. ( mostly just first names for now)

Analise (on-a-lease) Ryann
Ryleigh Elise
Ariana (are-ee-on-a)
Jonathan Rhys (reese)

HAHA told you... havent gotten very far , and haven't run anything by the hubster sooooo I'm sure most of those are no-goes. Bummer. AHHHH good thing I have a long way to go. I'm also afraid that I will finally pick something and one of my many preggo friends will have already chosen the same or similar baby name. Maybe I will pick something soon (one for both sex) and announce it on facebook.... kinda like TAG its mine now LOL.

Other than the name fiasco, the day has been pretty boring. Baby has put a halt to the partyin in my belly and has been pretty calm all of today. ME however.... ugh.... I feel like a blimp! I see all these commercials for losing weight and at first I was like "haha for once I'm not on that bandwagon" to which my mind quickly changed to wishing I could be. Not that I like to diet, but with this growing belly ( and thighs and toushy) I feel like I am slowly turning into Jabba the hutt.
Well ** spoiler alert** here's how that ended
My little Jaida Alyse
the name your daddy chose for you...
The DAY we found out you were a girl

Your name is perfect!



SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Funny about names. My mom was going to name me Amanda Beth the whole time, and then the day I was born, she told the nurse "Laura Beth" ... I have had a boy name and a girl name picked out for yearrrrrrs. I am slightly ready.


E.Elizabeth said...

Well I had a completely different girl name picked out (since I was a kid) but then my last name ruined it all.... they didnt work together. BOO

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