Thursday, January 3, 2013

30 things: Happy Girl

Happy Thursday aka Sunday (for me) folks! Who's ready for some 30 things??  I am I am

Ok, well be patient because first I need to update ya'll on the baby. She had her "6 month" drs. apt yesterday ( we run a couple weeks behind due to her shots being spaced) and since I didn't have this info for her 6 month update post here I will just fill you in now!
She weighed in at 15lbs 15 oz. and a little over 27in. long. She had to get some shots again but all in all is lookin good!
Okee doke. Carry on, where were we?
That's right.....

Well it's all about happiness this week so put your smiles on!
According to my first ever 30 Things post #5 is::  What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?
so let's dig in with some pics shall we!

#1:: Well obvi it's THESE TWO!!  Awww this picture makes my mommy heart melt!  I love my kiddos!

 Next up at #2:: The new crossover SUV.  Even though hubby is still not convinced we needed a change (from a 2 door Scion hello SPACE!) I am still so in love with the new whip! I would be driving it every second of the day if gas was still 99 cents a gallon!

maybe not EVERY second of the day..... according to my math Im not doing the math it's a lot!!

#3:: Having a girl so I can make fun matching hair flowers!! Um and having a girl in general is SO.MUCH.FUN..... get back to me in 13 years and see if it is still "fun."

#4:: The fact that my mom makes wine!! PEOPLE did you hear me??? My mom isn't just the queen of beer making but now she totally makes adult grape juice!! This is great because I really don't drink often but when I do a glass of delish white wine is my fav!

 PS: she totally tricked me and asked me if I Liked it before she told me that she had made it.... that could have ended badly!

 Lastly is #5:: The final thing that makes me happy is looking back at 2012 and seeing how God has blessed my family!! It's always Sometimes it is easier to look at the negetive in our lives and dwell on the unhappiness than to realize that we are SO blessed and remember to be thankful... in the calm AND in the storm!
***Looking back at that picture of preggo me the day Jaida was born makes me realize that I maybe I shouldn't joke that Jessica Simpson's baby"finally escaped." Kinda looks like Jaida was cooking for 14 months too! That was a big-ol-belly!
Well my friends that's about it for now.... What makes YOU happy at the moment?


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