Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's official... she is getting too big!

My baby.
My only little girl.
My last biological child.
I don't know about you but boy do I feel like time just slips away from me. I am having a hard time believing that it has been SEVEN months since Jaida was born. Holy moly. I mean for reals people that means we are over the half way point until this little bundle of joy turns ONE. eeeeek! I love to watch her grow and learn new things but at the same time I just want her to stay this small forever! I love that I can put her on the floor with some toys and she stays there. I love that she will still nap in her carseat. No matter where we are. I love that she doesn't talk back. yet. I love that when she wakes up she just lays in her crib and talks to herself until mommy gets her. I love that right now her life is simple... in all things that is the one thing I wish stayed the same for my kiddos. I wish life would always be simple!
::Here she is folks::

 You are such a good little baby. It is so fun to watch you learn new things everyday. I know you are frustrated that you can't seem to figure out how all of your friends do this "crawling" thing, but mommy likes it that way. You will get it eventually, and I will not be prepared. I'm sure if I blink you'll be up walking or running away from me. You love your "brubba" more and more everyday, I bet you two will be close even if you are 9yrs. apart in age. You "talk" all the time and I love to listen even if it is "dada, dada, dada." You have all of a sudden decided to give great big cuddles every time I get you out of your crib. I cannot even begin to explain to you how good that feels. If it wasn't mean I think I would put you back and pick you up over and over again! You still love your bath! You love to kick your legs really hard and splash water everywhere.... enjoy that now while your daddy still says it's "cute." Mommy had to raise the seat on your jumperoo so I guess you're getting taller! You are eating 3 "meals" a day and still drinking 4 bottles. You don't have a favorite food yet.... you eat almost everything!

Here are the monthly shots!

until tomorrow people!


Jenn said...

Gah! The cuteness! Jaida is such a pretty little baby :) Also I noticed you said "last biological child" - Does this mean you guys might adopt someday too?? Or did you just mean "last child" period. ? I guess it's a good thing Zac got "fixed" my baby fever NEVER goes away :P

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