Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday's Letters and such

Hello Friday, we meet again! I was excited for you to get here this week (for once) because I had nummy dinner plans AND the boy was going to my parent's for the night..... but all of that was scratched when that same boy decided to stretch the truth about forging my signature on his homework. It took a lot not to laugh when I saw his poor efforts to sign my name in his 3rd grade cursive, and even poorer efforts to erase the evidence.

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Nice try kiddo!
When confronted and asked about this THREE times he said it wasn't him who tried to sign for me.....So parental duties called and consequences were given. No more fun Friday night. Bummer. ** He did finally say he did it, AFTER he was told he was staying home tonight**
Enough about that however, it's time again for

Dear Sean (from the Bach), it's official... you really only have 2 MAYBE 3 good contenders this season. Pretty sure you had more options in the real world than this crap! But it makes for great TV!Dear "lovely" ladies on The Bachelor, Somehow I doubt that you are leaving a good impression on Sean (or the viewers) by falling during an awkwardly timed back handspring in a long tight dress, drinking more than the Hoff would in a YouTube video, or by begging for a kiss claiming "I swear I'm not contagious!" but hey it was worth the try right?! Dear Cherry Halls cough drops, I should've known when hubs tried to convince me that you didn't taste like every other disgusting cherry medicine out there that it was a trick. I ate you anyway, gross! Not to mention that I wasn't prepared for you to break open and be filled with a numbing cherry filling as well! Double Gross! Dear Jillian Micheal's, Hey girl HEEEEEY, I know I'm not on the Biggest Loser (thank you very much that I don't have THAT much to lose) however I have really missed your face on my workout videos.... don't worry, my husband must have known because he brought you home in video game version this, me and the Wii. It's on. Dear Pizza, I don't think its a good idea for me to eat you several times a week, you are not healthy (bummer) and you will probably sabotage my diet. (PS: If you see Jillian anytime soon please don't tell her that you and I still hang out.... but by the looks of her 6 pack and those arms you probably don't visit her much.) Dear Jaida, I know all your little baby friends might be learning how to crawl now, but don't worry you don't need to!! Mommy really isn't ready to chase you around yet. PS: I also don't care that you have no teeth yet because your little gummy smile melts my heart. Dear never-ending cough, AHHHH I HATE YOU... and I don't mean that lightly at all. You have extended your stay for long enough.... now beat it!

That's all for today dolls!


Leigh said...

I agree, those girls on The Bachelor this season are nuts! He should just come back to Texas. ;)

E.Elizabeth said...

HAHA! just embarrassing!

Jenn said...

Oh boy... nice try Jordon... nice try hahahaha.

E.Elizabeth said...

seriously! AND I just realized the teacher had circled it because the signature was missing.... so was he really going to sign it at his desk and take it back up to her?? LOLOL only your neshie!!

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