Friday, January 4, 2013

Random Thought # 3142314

You know what I love... marriage counseling

You know what I think all married couples should do..... go to marriage counseling.


This just came to my the same time as 100 other things #ADHDsufferer..... but for serious I think couples/marriage counseling is amazing! Other than the fact that when we sit down and our counselor just smiles at us, waiting on one of us to make the first move. I think I usually do that by saying something equally as awkward like " Welp, I think we have been doing pretty well the last couple weeks." and then I smile and wait. Then he says "Good." and then he waits again.... to be honest I really don't know how we get into great talking sessions....but we do. I have also found that he can sense when i am in need of a good cry. Maybe its the crackle of my voice, or the nearly impossible to see tear at the corner of my eye, but when he catches on he follows with " What is it your feeling there?" and then wait for it....wait foooorrrr itttttt...... WAAAAAAAH. Le' Sob.

He's on to me

I chose to see a male counselor for the selfish hope that since he is a man and Jon is a man that they would have a deep connection and then he could tell Jon he is always wrong and I am always ALWAYS right. "Happy wife , happy life " right?! I was afraid that if we saw a woman he would think we were just ganging up on him. **really I have to say this was pretty smart of me and I still stand by the belief that it kinda worked**

---- from here on out I will refer to him as our professional friend-----


This professional friend of ours is super great! I look forward to going every couple of weeks and I really think that it enriches our marriage. We also drive a little ( 45 mins) out of the way to hang out with this "friend" of ours, but I love the talks that we have in the car when it is just the hubs and I ...well, and the baby. Also in case you couldn't tell by the fact that I am blogging about it and letting the world know we see a professional friend I am proud of us. I am proud that we know what will keep this marriage strong, along with of course our unyielding faith. I also think that no matter how happy, healthy, positive, messy, crazy, perfect, amazing, awful, terrible or normal your marriage is you can always strive for better!

You know what I love... marriage counseling

You know what I think all married couples should do..... go to marriage counseling.

That's my two cents so take it or...... Just take it and trust me on this one would ya!



SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

I think it is AWESOME that you are sharing this! I love open bloggers! Nobody's perfect, and so many others can be reached when we are honest about things not being perfect all the time.

Thanks for sharing! Glad you enjoy it!

E.Elizabeth said...

SOOOO true! There is enough gag-me-with-a-spoon fakeness online... dont need it here!

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